What is Web Designing

Web designing, when we hear this word we think about the designing of a website, isn’t it? Web design, in short, is to maintain the content of the page in an effective way that it perfectly shows the decent delivery of information. The webpages of sites were maintained to positively provide the source of information to bind the visitors.

Now we think that why designing is important? The answer is quite simple. The internet is full of websites. So it became necessary now to have a different web design of your page to stand different from the rest. Web design has some important elements, they are as follows:-


It relates with arranging of the content on the web page. Where to put the text, ads and other content. In layout element, what we need to keep in mind is that the content of the page should be perfectly delivered.

It should be simple and interactive. Ads should be placed in such a way that they don’t cause any interruption for the user while looking for the information, they are there for.


It includes the logos, images and visual effects added to the web page. Whatever we are going to add on the web page should be relevant to the topic. It should focus the audience and related to the content delivered.


It is the source of information which is displayed on the page. It simply decides the structure of the whole page. The information which we deliver should be useful so that the user remain on your web page and doesn’t bounce back from the web page.These are the elements which should be weighted for optimal web design.

Static web design

A static web design is the web page with fixed content. Once the content is uploaded to the web page, it doesn’t change. It can be changed manually only. Every time visitor visits the site, the content remains same.

A static website is easy to develop. It does not require any web programming or database. Since static web page has fixed code, the content of the page does not change until developer makes changes in content. A static site can be simply designed by adding web pages (designed in HTML) and publishing it to the web server.

Features of static web designing are mentioned below:-

  • A static website is easier to create and host.
  • Favorable to those organizations which don’t have regular updates on the website.
  • A static website is easily crawled upon by search engine spiders and thus attracts more users.
  • The cost for designing of the static web page is lower than dynamic web pages.

Dynamic web design

Web sites which are based on dynamic web design have different layout and content. It does not remain same every time.  It gets changed according to the response given by the user. Content is varied each time the page is viewed. The content in dynamic web design is managed generally by CMS.

Dynamic web pages are classified into two categories i.e. Client side scripting, which generates client-side content at the user end and Server side scripting are those which generate varied web pages when loaded or visited.

Example for server side scripting of webpages like the shopping cart, form submission etc. In this example, the variation of the page depends on the item we added or the information which we enter. These type of web pages are required for the organizations like e-commerce, e- learning and in such other fields.

Features of dynamic web designing are mentioned below:

  • Easy to edit and manage the content with the mean of CMS.
  • Dynamic content binds the user to be more interactive.
  • Information can be easily accessed by connecting database to a dynamic site.
  • In dynamic design, website permits you to show or hide the particular content on specific time or date.

These are points which make a dynamic design to be more effective and user-friendly. As we have discussed both the web design, each of them has their own advantage. But overall in the current scenario, dynamic web design took lead over static web design.

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