New Trends in Web Development

The Internet world is getting dense day by day due to increase in a number of the organization. Every organization wants to make their presence on the internet to increase business opportunities. With the time web development trends were also changing. Everyone wants to lead the race to conquer their segment but question arises…..How it is possible? The website now became the medium to interact with the users and to expand their reach to larger pool potential customers. Organizations focus more on their design to be interactive making it more simplified for the users.

There comes a report that now around 60 % of search on search engines are done through mobile platforms. Now the industry needs the design to be more responsive and clean coded by keeping a focus on mobile. Now we have millions and billions of website. So it became more difficult for developers to stand their web design different from others. There come other factors too which influence the way of web development in recent times. These are going to be the future trends on which more R&D is going on. Let’s talk about them :-

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AI is the new Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is trendy nowadays. AI now spreading in web development also. There are some companies which mark their entry to design the website by means of AI. Grid and Wix are the organization who starts providing this service.

The basic concept of AI here is to design a website by fetching all the details of the website from the user. With the help of algorithms, it designs the web according to information given by the user. The approach was quite attractive but not too much successful.

With the time there will be more research on this platform, it will surely revolutionize the trend of web development. It saves too much time. It designs a website within few minutes. However it will take some time to meet the expectation according to the user, but it had started the new clinch in the field of web designing.

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IOT gets the importance

IOT is the word which holds numerous powers to perform the actions. It comprises of having control over various appliances and devices which user can access over a distance. Now web applications are developed to get access to the devices which you want to control.

For this, a design of application should be intuitive, clean coded and responsive. In the IOT operated website, response time is more than the traditional operation of sending a request to the server which sends data back. In addition to this, there is another communication ‘leg’ between the web server and IOT tools. So it needs to be explored more to make an outcome in favor of this technique.

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