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While browsing through the internet we often come across a word “CMS”. If you are among the ones who are looking for the real meaning of this term then you are at the right place. A Content management system often known as CMS as the name suggests is a software application or a set of programs which are set in the core of a website and then are used to manage (monitor, update and edit the content of the website). Content management system is basically for those people who want to control the content of their website without much knowledge of the coding. Let’s discuss some of the types of content management system and their advantages to have a better understanding of this.

The Importance of a Content Management System:

With thousands of websites launching ever day, there is a tremendous competition in the website industry. If you have to survive in the web market and have to gain a lot of visitors then just a good layout and an attractive design are not sufficient. It is found that the important factor for the success of a website is the content inside it and the best way to keep your content updated and fresh is a CMS. Let’s see what are the ways in which CMS can be advantageous for you and your business:

  •  A company usually have different people accessing a same blog or website for different tasks like updating product page, posting blogs, etc. Now with content management system all the people accessing the website can access the site at the same time and can post the content easily without any confusion and delay.
  •  Scheduling your posts become really easy with CMS. If you are setting new digital marketing strategies then it becomes really easy with CMS as you can schedule several posts for different time slots reducing a lot of workloads.
  • The maintenance becomes a lot easier with a CMS installed on your website. With CMS you don’t have to crawl through 100’s of pages to change small functionalities and you can do all the changes from a single dashboard easily. You can also make changes to the design of a website using a CMS.
  •  The biggest advantage of a CMS is that you are in control of your website and you don’t have to run to a vendor or developer for making small changes in your website.

Types Of CMS.

After discussing some of the advantages of the CMS let’s discuss some of the top Content Management Systems which are available in market:


These type of CMS are the one which is owned by private firms and can be used only after buying a user license. It limits the user to make any kind of alterations to the CMS and he is only allowed to make any alterations after buying a “Developers license”, which is usually very expensive.

One more thing to keep in mind while getting a proprietary CMS is the usability of the cms on various platforms. Many of the companies who provide proprietary services make sure that the CMS will only work on their hosting and as you change the host the Content management system will also stop working. So carefully read the terms and conditions of a provider before getting the CMS from a private provider.


WordPress CMS are the best choice for anyone who is new to website environment and is just beginning his journey with the content management system. It is the most used CMS today. No knowledge of PHP is needed as it is just a plugin which has to be installed in your web layout. You have full control of your website with WordPress and you don’t have to pay a lot of money to get a WordPress CMS. Some of the good features of WordPress CMS are:

  •  Can be coded easily to add new functionalities to you current WordPress CMS.
  •  Regular updates, so new features are regularly added to the CMS.
  •  You have full control and you can add plugins, change designs and can perform several more actions using WordPress CMS.
  •  With WordPress, you get customer support and you can post your doubts and queries on WordPress forums and can easily get them resolved by the experts in a very short time duration.

Some of the big names that are using WordPress are Sony, The New Yorker, BBC America, MTV News and much more.


Joomla is an open source which is used to make websites and applications. It is a free and with a lot of functionality. Joomla can be used by anyone as no programming language is needed to control it. In Joomla, you can easily set permissions to different users thus setting the control of different users over the website. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of having a Joomla CMS on your website.

  •  Publishing is real easy and the content can be published with the click of a button.
  • With a large number of extensions available the functionality and interactiveness of the website can be easily increased.
  •  Joomla has a big user community with a large number of experienced user who can help you with any kind of queries you face while using Joomla CMS.
  •  Joomla let you choose your own meta keywords and meta description in the web pages and can help you a lot in making your website search engine optimized.

Some of the most popular websites made using Joomla are Harvard University website, eBay, Holiday Inn and many more.


Drupal is the last name in this list and it is among the top Content Management Systems available today. One of the main features of Drupal CMS is that it is highly scalable i.e even when your website is facing a lot of traffic it make sure that user do not face any problem. Drupal is also an open source application and has a lot have a lot of plugins which can be added to increase the functionality. Let’s have a look at some of the important features of Drupal.

  • Drupal is very useful in creating and managing different content type. For example Videos, Photos, Text, and others can be created and saved in their respective categorized sections.
  •  Users can create their own dynamic designs using the creation tools provided by Drupal and can also use the designs provided by Drupal.
  • Extensive API support by google, facebook, google apps etc for Drupal.
  •  Is accessible on mobile devices thus increasing its usability to a whole lot of users who use mobile devices more than desktops and laptops.

Some of the big Companies who use Drupal in their websites are, The Economist, Tesla, and many others.

This is a brief description of Content Management System and some of its types. Our company specializes in creating websites installed with CMS. The type of CMS is decided by looking at your needs and your aim for your website. For exceptional Website development in Jaipur, you can visit us @ GetTech Software

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