We like Agile Software Development. Our clients love it!

At GetTech Software, we use Agile Software Development and cross-functional teams to speed up your digital product to market. We align to the principles of adaptive planning, early delivery, and continuous improvement, and we are very flexible in our response to changing requirements through the development process. We keep a close, daily cooperation between your business representatives and our project managers and developers.



We get to know your business and your project in order to understand your development needs. We'll work with you to develop a proposal that fits your time and budget.


Our project managers and team leaders carefully examine the project requirements, functional description and fine tune the development process details to ensure that all your needs are met.


Depending on its size, the software project is divided into versions and sprints, the intermediate and final product releases are scheduled and the appropriate employees are assigned.


This is the phase where developers work on their behalf of the project, doing what they know best: writing lines of code, carefully following the project's requirements and schedule.


Every piece of code is tested before the release. Our QA experts use manual and automatic testing to detect and fix bugs, so your software product will be clean for release.


We keep a close connection with the client through weekly meetings. Based on your feedback we resume the development process for further changes or we move it into the deployment stage.


We set-up everything for the launch of your software product to market. We ensure that the software is functional, discoverable and easy to use by your customers.


We value long-term business relations, so we offer continuous technical support for your software projects. We will perform the required updates to keep your software up to date and operational.